Reliable, fast data and voice connectivity is  essential for all organizations and the ways of delivering that  connectivity are numerous and changing rapidly. The convergence of data  and voice communications also means that your approach to providing LAN, WAN and mobile communications can have a profound effect on your  business.

HardiTech works with a range of network providers and we can  provide you with advice on the best approach to meet your communication  needs. We will make sure that you get a solution that matches your  business requirements, provides you with the flexibility you need for  the future and keeps your operational costs as low as possible.

We have the technical knowledge and the business experience necessary to help you then manage your network solutions and optimize them to  make sure you get the best possible value from them. Crucially, we’ll do it in the best way for your organization and circumstances – providing  you with the architecture, technologies, processes and approach that are right for you.

When you invest in LAN, WAN and mobile solutions, it’s often a commitment that has to last for a few years. If you’re  considering making changes then you need to work with independent  experts who can help you select the right technologies and suppliers for your circumstances.

Whether as part of a Managed Services contract, or planning for a  project, we will always conduct an assessment to understand our clients’ needs. These assessments allow us to:

  •  make the right long-term recommendations on what your network should  look like and decide how you can best make any changes (Transition),  and;
  • determine the best approach to supporting your networks, providing you  with the right service as cost effectively as possible (Manage).

HardiTech can assess your current networks to see whether you are  getting the most from them and how they can be improved; we will look at all aspects from the physical cabling and networking hardware to the  way in which they are managed. Our assessments will take into account a  wide variety of factors that could influence what’s best for you. We  look at the bigger picture, making sure that we understand what your  business needs now, and anticipates needing in the future.

You probably don’t make significant changes to  your network very often, so when you do need to, you want to work with  proven experts. A transition to a new network, whether it’s due to an  office move or changing business requirements, needs to be as seamless  and transparent as possible.

HardiTech meticulous planning and technical expertise will allow  you to achieve this with the added reassurance that we will work with  our network provider partners to give you the most cost effective  solution. We can architect and deliver solutions for:

  • Office cabling and LANs
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet connectivity
  • MPLS based WANs
  • VPNs
  • Mobile connectivity